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Why People Partner with T.J.

Muzafer Najfi, VP Field Operations

"I've been in this profession of relationship marketing for 21-years and I've come across quite a few LEADERS all over the world, I must say that TJ is somebody that stands in alignment with some of the best of the best. From his HEART to his PASSION, to his work ethic and his Consistency, Integrity and his willingness to help EVERYBODY that he possibly can, is one of the main reasons why I consider Todd Gross Jr a phenomenal leader, a friend and a GREAT Business Partner. I really believe that everybody should find the time to connect with him, work with him and partner with him."

Ben Bradshaw


Joshua Denne

"I've been blessed to work with many great, servant leaders but TJ is one of the best.  He truly cares for people and wants them to win in life.  He works diligently to help people reach their dreams and goals.  TJ leads by example, he's in the trenches building a business.  If you are smart, you'll join TJ and join him going to the top of the company and make all of your families dreams come true."

Jason A. Elliot, MS, PA-C

"I have had the amazing opportunity to work with TJ for the last 3 years and during that time he has not only been a business partner and apprentice of mine but, the student has truly become the teacher. I have had the great pleasure to commission Todd as one of my three Certified Life Coaches and have experienced phenomenal changes in my personal, professional and financial life as a direct result of the value he provides during our weekly coaching sessions. If you haven’t ‘discovered’ who you really are and the untapped potential you have inside you, I suggest scheduling a discovery session and see first-hand the impact a life coach can have on your life and why Todd is just the one to help you UNLEASH the real you. –JAE"

Chris Pemberton

"I've had the privilege and honor of working with Todd for the last 4 years inside of the relationship marketing space and I can say without a shadow of a doubt that he's the most committed, consistent, and servant leader I've ever met. I'm a firm believer that your associations are THE differentiating factor when it comes to business success or failure. As they say, you are the average of the 5 people you surround yourself with. TJ is someone that I would recommend everyone having as one of their associations because he will make you better in all aspects of life. As a friend/brother first and a business partner second, TJ has had an impact on my life personally that I cannot adequately express in a quick paragraph. Just know that this man is destined for great things so I would highly encourage partnering up with him for the incredible ride ahead."

Ida Schuman, Business Owner 

"It is rare to connect with a person that you instantly know they have your Best Interest at heart. I had the privilege of such an experience when I met Todd a little over a year and half ago. Not only was I looking for a mentor in my personal life but also a leader in my business career to move me to the next level. In recognizing my limitations in the world of technology, Todd was able to structure and simplify a marketing system for my business then coach me in a manner that helped me understand the system without having to spend hours upon hours learning it which allowed me to spend the time where I was most needed. From that initial mentor, leadership role a true friendship was born which is comparable to none. That is who Todd is, a Committed and Outstanding business partner that is passionate about helping you succeed. Ask yourself “What is My Vision” see it in your mind then watch Todd make your vision a reality."
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